The Startup & Business Lawyers at the Law Office of Elliott J. Brown offer cost-effective, flexible, and dependable legal solutions to problems that businesses of all sizes often encounter. Our attorneys serve as outside counsel to startups and businesses near NYC and abroad, who seek counsel on matters that involve corporate/business law, entity formation, business contracts, intellectual property prosecution & brand development, as well as website policies and compliance.

Core Practice Areas:

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Business Contracts

We prepare and negotiate dozens of business contracts.

Business | Corporate

We help entrepreneurs create, maintain, & sell businesses.

Intellectual Property

We help businesses protect their intellectual property.

Website Policies

We draft and implement website policies.


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Our flat-fee Services:

The Law Office of Elliott J. Brown offers flat fee legal packages for 3 types of services; startup incorporation, brand protection, and outside counsel.

Flat Fee Startup Packages

We have structured our flat fee packages to serve as a legal roadmap for organizational structure, and the packages are designed to scale with your startup’s business needs.

Flat Fee Trademark Services

We provide counsel on trademark matters including evaluating the strength of proposed marks, clearance, development, registration, enforcement, and portfolio management.

Subscription Services

Subscription services allow our attorneys to get to know you and your business, grow with your business, and get you to the point where you need a full-time business attorney on staff.

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Elliott J. Brown founded the Law Office of Elliott J. Brown in 2009. Elliott brings over 30 years of experience as both in-house General Counsel for various companies, as well as serving in the corporate departments of law firms in Tel Aviv and New York City. Elliott’s in-house experiences include ten years as Vice President and General Counsel at a U.S. based subsidiary of an Italian holding company, with various holdings in the sporting goods and accessories industry. Elliott also served as Senior Vice President and General Counsel at a full-scale global fashion and lifestyle company, most famously known for their hip-hop and street-wear clothing lines and accessories. Elliott’s duties as General Counsel included managing the company’s vast trademark portfolio as well as anti-counterfeiting efforts on a global basis.

Elliott has since put his experience and knowledge to work for his clients at the Law Office of Elliott J. Brown, representing international clothing and lifestyle brands, celebrities, entrepreneurs and more.

Elliott is a member of the New York State Bar Association and its Business Law section and the New Jersey State Bar Association.

Elliott is licensed to practice law in New York, New Jersey, and Florida.


B.A., University of Florida, ’77

J.D., University of Florida, ’80

Elliott J. BrownFounder

“Dream Big and Big Things Will Happen; Dream Small and Small Things Will Happen.”

– Robert Blaier, aka Grandpa

Adam comes from a family with over 75 years of small business ownership and experience in New York, New Jersey, and abroad. His first job was working in a dry cleaner his grandfather owned, for $6.25 an hour, and has been working ever since. Adam draws his inspiration and passion for success from his father and grandfathers who were each an entrepreneur and small business owner. Adam is the first member of his family to attend college or law school, despite the doubts and discouragement from others along the way. As a first-hand witness to what hard work and determination can bring, Adam decided to enter a field where he could help entrepreneurs and small business owners like his family achieve their dreams, the law.

Adam’s goal is to build real and meaningful relationships with his clients. He does this by being transparent, communicating quickly and efficiently, and by trying to come up with creative solutions to his client’s problems or needs. Adam has studied, and practices, in a few areas of law that he believes can help startups and small businesses achieve their goals, from start to finish. Along the way, he has gained valuable experience both In-house and in law firms in the New York/New Jersey area. This mix of experience has given him a unique ability to balance the (often divergent) legal and business needs of a company.

Prior to joining the Law Office of Elliott J. Brown, Adam was the Principal of Blaier Law LLC, a virtual startup and small business law firm. The merger of practices will allow both the Blaier Law and Elliott J. Brown clients to have access to complementary skill sets and comprehensive solutions to a variety of business needs.


Pace University School of Law
Juris Doctor

Penn State University
B.A., Media Law and Policy

Minor, Business

Activities & Affiliations

  • New Jersey Bar Association, Member
  • New York State Bar Association, Member
  • Washington D.C. Bar Association, Member
  • Association of Jewish Attorneys, Member

Bar Admissions

• NJ, NY, CT, and D.C.

Adam BlaierStartup & Business Lawyer

What People Say about us

Adam is not just a service provider; Adam is a partner, supports us every step of the way, and is always available for any question at any time! Super professional. No less than Excellent!

Blogs & FAQs

startup employees celebrating equity value

Should I Give A Startup Employee Equity?

To give or not to give employee equity, that is the question. One of the first issues startups deal with is how they plan on compensating key personnel. For startups with limited funds, there may not be many options. The want or need to issue equity really depends on your startup’s short and long term goals, as well as its financial capabilities.

A limited liability company operation agreement with pen on a table

6 Benefits of Using an LLC

One of the biggest concerns for any business is protecting its principals as well as its assets—and keeping personal and business assets separate is paramount. Forming a legal entity is one of the best ways to create a separation of personal and business assets.

Should I form an LLC or Corporation?

The question, “should I form an LLC or Corporation,” will come down to a handful of factors. When wearing the hat of a high-tech startup attorney, LLCs (generally) will not be the best fit for your long term plans. Unlike C-Corps, which can issue stock (equity) and large amounts of it, LLCs have membership interests and are a relatively new type of legal entity, which makes them less enticing for venture capitalists. Corporations have been around for over 100 years, so the legal precedent and protections afforded to stockholders, officers, and directors, are generally set in stone (depending on the state). When the small business lawyer hat is on….

How do I start a business?

Most entrepreneurs and creators get their start by asking a straightforward question, “how do I start a business?” Starting a business requires careful planning, risk tolerance, dedication, and vision. Working with the right business lawyers can make it easier. Once you have determined an initial idea for your business, it is essential to thoroughly evaluate the market in which you will be operating (if there is one), and discover how you can best contribute to, or disrupt it with, your business idea….

How Do You Protect Business Ideas?

Depending on what is at stake, there are several options available to protect business ideas from being stolen or copied by others. If you want to ensure that your business partners or employees do not misappropriate or share important business ideas or information with others, your best bet may be to create a non-disclosure or non-compete agreement that includes certain restrictive covenants in it….

Why do so many Startups Incorporate in Delaware?

As you and your co-founder(s) or business partner(s) sit around a table and discuss the idea you want to bring to life, one of the topics that may pop up is entity formation. If you’ve done the research, you may find yourself asking the question, “why do so many startups incorporate in Delaware?” There are at least a half-dozen reasons startups and businesses choose to incorporate in Delaware over other states…..


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