A trademark (or “TM”) is a word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others. A service mark is the same as a trademark, except that it identifies and distinguishes the sources of a service rather than goods. In fact, the term “trademark” often refers to service marks as well. Trademarks, in the general sense, typically protect brand names and logos used on goods and services.

The Law Office of Elliott J. Brown offers a broad range of TM services. We provide counsel to clients from various industries on brand protection matters including evaluating the strength of proposed names and marks, clearance of rights and selection, development, registration and protection of trademarks and domain names, enforcement, and managing IP portfolios worldwide. In addition, we offer other services to compliment your goals of building a brand. 


Hiring an experienced TM attorney to guide you is a crucial step towards obtaining your registration. Trademark law is ever-changing and not being aware of recent or proposed changes to the law could be the difference between registration and denial. Additionally, while many trademark attorneys and lawyers simply run a bare-bones search on the internet or a USPTO trademark search for a conflicting mark, our attorneys will conduct a robust trademark search using cost-effective AI technology. This search will help you make a decision on whether to proceed with the application or a different course of action. 

We offer a flat fee TM filing package, which is inclusive of a search and the USPTO registration fee. Our firm helps entrepreneurs, artists, creators, and businesses on the following transactional aspects of TM law:

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**Obtaining a federal registration with the USPTO is never guaranteed. A lawyer can help you try to obtain a mark and guide you through the registration process efficiently.**