Startup Packages

We offer several transparent, flat-fee startup packages to help founders and entrepreneurs hit the ground running. Having a startup & business attorney properly handle your startup’s corporate formation, relevant founder agreements, business contracts, and IP today, could prevent costly litigation in the future.

Silver Package

Base Package
$ 2,000*
  • Filing of Certificate of Incorporation (corporation) or Certificate of Formation (LLC).*
  • Bylaws (corporation) or Operating Agreement (LLC)
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Corporate Book & Initial Board/Member Resolutions
  • Founder Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement (corporation)/Membership Interest Purchase Agreement (LLC)
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Gold Package

Everything in Silver +
$ 3,500*
  • Confidential Information and IP Assignment Agreement (CIIAA) for Founders
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • At-Will Employee Offer Letter & Agreement

Diamond Package

Everything in Gold +
$ 5,000*
  • Incentive Equity Plan and related grant documents
  • Trademark search and registration (for one class of goods)*
  • Website Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

*Flat Fee Packages are subject to standard government filing fees.

What Are The Benefits Of Flat Fee Packages?

Our flat fee startup packages have two main benefits:

  • First, they are transparent. We do not want to be a financial burden for our clients. We recognize that cash is tight in the early stages, so you should know what your legal costs are from the beginning.
  • Second, our startup packages serve as a  legal roadmap. Many startup founders do not have a legal background. Without this training or experience, founders are not aware of what legal documents are needed to properly establish their entity and business. We have designed our flat fee packages to serve as a legal roadmap, that scale with your startup. This transparency will help you budget for your current and future needs.