Why Use Our Firm’s Flat Fee Trademark Services?

We are trademark counsel for entrepreneurs, artists, creators, and businesses all over the world. We work with our clients on various trademark matters including but not limited to:

  1. Evaluating the strength of proposed marks
  2. Clearance searches
  3. Brand development
  4. Registration & maintenance
  5. Enforcement
  6. National & international portfolio management

The Brand Protection Packages

Our firm has collectively applied for over 230 trademarks. This experience has allowed us to develop a streamlined flat fee-based process, that offers a cost-effective alternative to the standard hourly rate. We offer the following flat fee trademark services:

Clearance Package

Base Package
$ 500
  • 30-minute brand strategy consultation with our trademark attorneys
  • Comprehensive A.I. clearance search for one (word) mark.**

Brand Starter

Includes Clearance Package +
$ 930*
  • Trademark application prepared and filed by our trademark attorneys
  • Tracking the trademark application after filing with the USPTO.

Brand Protection

Includes Brand Starter +
$ 2,000*
  • Responding to one non-substantive USPTO Office Action on your behalf.
  • One-year of trademark monitoring.
  • One cease & desist letter drafted by our trademark attorneys.***

*Subject to a standard government filing fee of $275 per mark per class.
**Logo searches are subject to an additional $120 for the first logo, and an additional $250 per logo after.
***Subsequent negotiations with opposing counsel is subject to our standard hourly rates.

It should be noted that a different Trademark Examiner subjectively reviews each trademark application, and obtaining a federal registration with the USPTO is never guaranteed. For more information on trademarks, check out our blog! If you’re interested in learning more about our flat fee trademark services, click on one of the “Learn More” buttons above.

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