Subscription Services

Outside Counsel Subscription Services

We provide monthly subscription services to clients that require ongoing legal support but don’t need to hire a full-time business attorney just yet. Subscription services allow our attorneys to get to know you and your business, grow with your business, and get you to the point where you need a full-time business attorney on staff. There are four levels of service so that your needs will be met and your costs will be fixed. Our plans are month-to-month so you can adjust your subscription as you go along.

Way Outside Counsel


  • Legal consulting
  • Unlimited emails

Outside Counsel


  • Legal consulting
  • Unlimited emails
  • 1 hour of legal research
  • 2 contract write-ups

General Counsel


  • Legal consulting
  • Unlimited emails
  • 2 hours of legal research
  • 4 contract write-ups
  • Entity maintenance

Chief Legal Officer


  • Legal Consulting
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited legal research
  • 6 contract write-ups
  • Entity maintenance
  • Unlimited Trademark monitoring

*Discounts may be available for fixed terms.

What are the Benefits of Outside Counsel Subscription Services?

  1. Traditional hourly billing is often not transparent. When you pay monthly subscription fees for your legal services, you know exactly what you are paying, making it easier to budget all the expenses of running a new business.
  2. Subscription services are more client-focused. You can expect your lawyer to focus on your specific needs, instead of offering the services they think you need.
  3. Lawyer by subscription allows you to get the guidance you need without breaking the bank. In most cases, you will find monthly or yearly fees affordable. When you choose to subscribe, you could potentially save yourself a lot of money in costly mistakes.

**Looking for something more or something less? Contact us today and we’ll work with you to make a subscription that fits your budget.